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What percentage of the final home sale price do you charge?

This is always negotiable! Typically, brokerages will charge between 5% and 6% to list a home for sale, but keep in mind that fee is split with the cooperating brokerage. This fee also includes the marketing expense to list your home (photography, video, signage and other marketing materials).

Do I need a real estate lawyer as well?

No, you do not need a real estate lawyer in addition to a real estate agent.

How will you find potential buyers/renters for my property?

All listings are entered into the Multiple List Service (MLS) or Bright which reaches all the major real estate marketing sites online including Zillow,, Redfin, etc. An extensive network of agent-only websites is also utilized as well as personal marketing sites and other brokerage sites and of course signage and traditional advertisements as well.

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